Cropped Faux Fur Coat

Cropped Faux Fur Coat

My latest faux fur project, this red faux fur cropped coat. I’m not great with colour names, not sure what to call this shade of red but it’s gorgeous isn’t it? I should probably start sewing lighter pieces though rather than faux fur now that we are at the end of January.


It was love at first sight when I spotted this fabric tucked away under one of the cutting tables at Fabricana Richmond. The staff told me that it was the last 1.2 meter ish and has a weird cut at one of the ends so they put it away thinking that nobody would be interested in buying it. I told her that I’ll buy it anyways even with the defect. I ended up getting a 20% discount and got the fabric for $16! I was super happy, it is quite difficult to find good quality faux fur in Vancouver. Sometimes the texture is right but the colour is wrong. This piece was just perfect! The fur is super soft with long pile. It does shed a TON when cut though. After I was done cutting, the floor was covered in red fur, seemed like I’ve just murdered several tropical birds.

As for the lining, I used a beige coloured Bemberg lining. Learnt from my previous mistake of using low-quality, polyester lining. I got this Bemberg lining also at a great discount from the bi-monthly Our Social Fabric sale.


I used the jacket pattern in McCall’s M7260 Coordinates Pattern package (Misses’ Open-Front Vest, Jacket, Top and Pants). I just changed the shape of the neckline and skipped the collar. For the lining, I used the same pattern and bagged it.

As you can see the jacket is cropped because I didn’t have enough fabric to make a longer one. But even if I had enough fabric, I think I still would have made a short coat. The red seems too bright to make a long coat.


Only needed hand needle and thread to finish the lining.

Til next time!


photos: Vancouver by Dhia

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