Layering season: faux fur coats

Layering season: faux fur coats

It’s layering season in Vancouver. As you can see, I’m currently obsessed with faux fur. I made this faux fur grey vest (for fabric and pattern details read here) and layered it under this H&M coat. I absolutely love the drop shoulder and faux fur collar detail. I went up two sizes as I wanted an oversized fit.¬†

Speaking of H&M, did you know that they recycle used clothing (no matter what brand or material) and even leftover fabrics pieces?! Donated garments are sorted into three categories: rewear (sold as secondhand), reuse (turned into other products) and recycle (turned into textile fibres).

This garment collecting initiative was launched back in 2013. Since then H&M has prevented more than 55,000 tonnes of clothing from ending up in landfills. The surplus then goes towards social and recycling projects.

What’s more, for every bag of clothes/fabric that you donate, they give you a $5 off voucher for your next purchase (over $30).

Pretty cool huh? You can read more about this at H&M Sustainability.



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photos: Vancouver, Alexandra G

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