Boyfriend Jeans + Dusty Pink

Boyfriend Jeans + Dusty Pink

Happy mid-November everyone! It’s starting to get really chilly here in Vancouver but once in awhile we still get some (warm-ish) sunshine. I find it still warm enough to wear my DIY ripped boyfriend jeans as long as I wear boots and layers of clothing.

I bought this pair of vintage Levi’s from a thrift store (it was originally dark blue). I didn’t know how to sew at the time so I took it to a tailor to get them altered as it was just a little bit big on the hips. Then at home, I bleached and distressed them myself. I find that the distressed jeans sold at the stores often doesn’t look natural on me. The holes or rips would be in all the wrong places. So what I did was to put on the jeans and marked where I want the most distressing to be. For example below the knees would be the most worn-out part so that was where I made the rips. Then I just throw it in the dryer and voila perfectly distressed jeans. For more details on the bleaching and distressing process, check out my first ever post  here.

When I was in London last year, I got this suede Rino and Pelle jacket from Mary’s Living and Giving thrift store in Portobello Market. It is a boutique charity shop of new and pre-loved clothing from brands and designers ranging from Alexander McQueen to Zara. Proceeds from each item sold are donated to Save the Children. I love buying fashion that makes a difference. Let me know of any charity boutiques that you think I should check out!

Jeans – vintage Levi’s, bleached & distressed by me (details here:

Jacket – Rino and Pelle

Bodysuit – Topshop 

Boots – Geox



photos: Vancouver by Esther

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