ERDEM x H&M Collaboration: R E V I E W

ERDEM x H&M Collaboration: R E V I E W

Last Thursday, Nov 2nd, I woke up at 6 am for fashion. H&M collaborated with Erdem this year. It was my first time to shop their limited edition designer collaborations. I wasn’t too sure what to expect and was a bit anxious about the crowd. However, I was really curious about the material and quality of the collection. Hence why I decided to go in person instead of shopping online. That way I can try on the clothes and inspect the fabric quality and finishing. (Plus in order to successfully shop online, I’d have to wake up at 5am as the web portal opened at 8am east coast time. So, no thank you.)

The doors of H&M Pacific Centre opened at 8 am. I arrived around 7 am with about 40 people already lined up in front of me. There were less people than I expected actually. By 8 am there were probably only another 20 people behind me.

A little bit about Erdem Moralioglu. He is a Turkish Canadian fashion designer based in London. Known for his romantic silhouettes and detailed craftsmanship, he often mixes vibrant prints and laces. His floral dresses are super popular among celebrities and the British royal family such as the Duchess of Cambridge.

So let’s get down to it. I had only 15 minutes to grab any items that I want to try on. I tried on about 10 pieces ranging from dresses, sweaters, blazers, coats, pyjamas and hoodies. QUALITY: Overall, I must say that the quality is much better than the usual H&M production. Not only are all of the fabric of higher quality but also the finishing and sewing techniques used.

FABRIC: I am really impressed by the fabric used. The floral silk pyjamas (picture above) are made of 100% pure silk. The grey hoodie (picture above) is made of organic cotton as part of H&M Conscious effort. The popular sequined dress (picture above) that is currently being sold by resellers on Ebay for $600 plus (originally $250) also did not disappoint. Even though I don’t really like the straight fit of the dress, the sequined fabric used is of good quality (the sequins would not disintegrate after a couple of wears) and the pretty floral embroidery was well done. The jacquard ball gown (picture above) is made of heavy jacquard fabric with embroidery that would last. The leopard fur coat (that I was super tempted to buy but didn’t) was made of super soft faux fur. The only disappointment was the maroon and blue (as in picture) mohair blend sweater. I really loved the crop fit but it sheds like crazy! As soon as I put it on, I was covered in fluff as if 10 cats had snuggled on me. So as much as I love the colour and fit, I had to pass.

FINISHING: The silk pyjamas were finished really well considering it was factory produced. The hem was finished with a blind hem stitch as you can see in the picture below. The blazers were also finished quite well. The quality of the invisible zipper on the jacquard ball gown is not that great unfortunately, it doesn’t zip up smoothly. I also did not like the exposed metal buttons on the leopard faux fur coat which I think cheapens the look (and at $300 it is not exactly a bargain). Hook closures would have been perfect.

ACCESSORIES/SHOES: I was thinking of keeping the floral brocade slip ons but I’m not too crazy about them. The brocade print is very pretty and I think the quality is pretty good but I’m not a big shoe person so I prefer to keep the clothes instead. I did end up buying the floral tights. The nylon is made in Italy so I have high hopes that it would last a little longer than the usual H&M tights.

PACKAGING: I must say that this collection wins packaging design award of the year. All of the packaging is composed of different versions of really pretty floral prints and thus created a very cohesive look. I love all of the packaging/branding designs, from the floral fabric covered hangers to the floral printed shopping bags in maroon and green hues

WHAT I BOUGHT: In the end, I only kept the silk pyjamas, grey hoodie, floral tights and statement earrings. As much as I love the dresses, I can’t picture myself having many events where I can wear the jacquard ballgown. The sequined dress is very wearable but it is too heavy and delicate for me. I like not to worry about ruining my dress when I go out. All in all, I am quite satisfied with my purchase although I wished I had the chance to shop some of the sweaters from the men’s collection. By the time it was my turn to go in, the men’s rack was almost sold out.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my two cents on the Erdem x H&M collection. I cannot wait to know which designer is going to collaborate with H&M in 2018!


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