MINI SKIRT 1.0 : made from jean pants

MINI SKIRT 1.0 : made from jean pants

Fall is here and I just made a mini skirt! Either I’m a season too late for Spring/Summer 2017 or too eager for Spring/Summer 2018. Anyways, I have not worn mini skirts since the early 2000s and I’m absolutely lovin’ it!


I bought a pair of pre-loved vintage Levi’s 501 with the aim to tailor it into a modern, slim fit.  As you probably know by my previous posts, I was obsessed (and still am) with the idea of having a modern fit jeans made of vintage fabric.

Anyways, I was not able to tailor these jeans to get the fit that I want. I kept having un-attractive extra fabric at the back of the thigh. (note to self: take more pattern drafting classes) However, I love how this jeans fit in the waist and butt so I cut off the legs to make shorts.

Then, mini skirts made a comeback (after years of domination by midi & knee length skirt) and I decided that I want one ASAP. So I turned the shorts into this little cute number.


Super duper EASY y’all! Only 3 steps:

1. Undo crotch seams with seam ripper

2. Sew front and back flaps (overlapping)

3. Trim excess fabric from flaps and hem

(Extra easy since I left the hem RAW because I’m lazy and cool like that.)


2 things: jeans thread and needle

Anyways, if you even have the slightest desire to try this DIY project, DO IT now! Super easy and super cute result, I promise.



pictures: Vancouver, by Tomo

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