CAMEL COAT : sew easy!

CAMEL COAT : sew easy!

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This as my first ever self sewn coat! I have been looking for the right camel coat since last November and I was so happy to be able to sew my own instead of buying one. I truly believe a well-fitted camel coat is a basic staple in every girl’s wardrobe and boy’s too! I have already worn this coat to death that I had to re-do several of the stitches as they came apart.

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I just started learning how to sew at the end of January, so I thought I’d start with a simple coat. True to the claim on the pattern package, this Burda 7184 jacket pattern was sew easy! The instructions were really clear and easy to follow, even for beginners like me.

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The pattern recommended using jersey, knit fabrics or lightweight fulled fabrics but I decided to go with melton wool as I’d like to wear this coat through fall and winter. Mind you, Vancouver winter is very mild so an unlined coat like this one goes a long way.

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The whole process from cutting out the fabric and sewing took me about 3-4 hours. Keep in mind that my beginner self made tons of mistakes along the way and spent a big chunk of time ripping out stitches..ugh. If I had to do this coat over again, I’m sure it will only take me 2 hours tops. Experienced seamstress should be able to finish this coat in no time.

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Additionally, I spent another 1-2 hours modifying the coat to fit my frame. I was only able to purchase this pattern in sizes 10-20. I followed size 10 but the finished coat was still too oversized for my liking. So I tapered the shoulders and added vertical darts at the back.

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Prior to cutting, I also lengthened the pattern about 2 inches. The only part of the coat where I had to make bigger was the wrist opening as the original pattern was super narrow! So be careful about the arm, I definitely suggest sizing up the pattern.

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Moreover, as I chose to serge the edges instead of hemming, I narrowed down the front flaps quite a bit. I got rid of the seam allowance and another 2.5 inches. By the way, it was my first time using a serger machine and I loved it! Since then, I always find excuses to serge whatever projects I’m working on haha… However, as I mentioned at the start, I’ve worn this coat too many times that some parts of the serged edges are starting to fray, mostly in the corners as I didn’t serged them properly..oops! So I might cover the serged edges with bias tape sometime soon.

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Finally, I added a belt using my leftover fabric because I love having the option to wrap my coat. The pattern didn’t come with a belt so I just googled how to make a simple one. Oh and since I have finally perfected this pattern to fit me, I plan to make similar coats but with a hood for Vancouver rain. Keep an eye out for them in September!  




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Jeans, top and accessories detailed in OUTFIT!

Photos: Gastown, Vancouver by RY

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